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Activities in the area

Climbing the Cordillera Blanca

ACT_CLIMB_1878706ACT_CLIMB_4084563A great way to experience the mountains of the cordillera Blanca.

Two of the main attractions in the Cordillera Blanca are Huascarán, the highest tropical mountain in the world with an altitude of 6768 meters, and Alpamayo, claimed to be the most beatiful mountain in the world (5947m). In the Cordillera Huayhuash, the names Yerupajá and Siulá Grande draw much attention due to the sheer difficulty of scaling their respective peaks of 6634m and 6344m. Each year serious moutaineers arrive, some repeatedly, to test their skills and have a little fun on these and many other mountains. The best kown big wall of the Cordillera Blanca is the Sphinx located on the north side of Quebrada Paron.

Trekking in the best mountains of the americas.

ACT_TREK_15377301ACT_TREK_2385926A unique experience is offered to the trekking enthusiast.

The Santa Cruz trek is renowned thoughout the world for it’s easy accessibility and breathacing views of the Cordillera Blanca mountains.
Another good trek is up the Ishinca valley where you can choose between a number of easy mountains once you reach the refugio at 4.300 meters.

If you want a long expedition then the cordillera Huayhuash is one of the most spectacular mountain circuits of the world.

Biking and Rafting

ACT_RAFT_2922638ACT_BIKE_1980968Several good mountain bike trails are easily accessible along the valley of Huaraz (Le Callajon de Huaylas).

Rafting in the Rio Santa can be fun and exillerating. Conditions are best early in the summer as the dry conditions during the summertime lowers the waterlevel.

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